Sunday, June 19, 2011

hEY bOOs, [FREE dOWnLoad] from London, England UK | Jahaziel | "STILL LIVIN' MIXTAPE"

hEY bOOs,
[FREE dOWnLoad] From my other home from London, England UK...
Nu Music Releases bOOs 
This was Released Mon, 5-2-11 | @ FRE3 O' Clock GMT or 9am CST
U gotta Chex Out this cd "BuzzTape" aka Mixtape this bOO got it goin on...

hEY bOOs,‎ "HaPpY FaTHER's / DAD's / Daddy's / PA's / GrandDAD's dAY!!!"

hEY bOOs,‎

"HaPpY FaTHER's / DAD's / Daddy's / PA's / GrandDAD's dAY!!!"
its their Day & Honor them...
(i know this can be hard for those who Fathers weren't there or abused them - BUT U be Best Daughter/Son You can Be & U can have a LONGGGGGGGGGG LIFE)

SUNDAY [Father's Day] FREEBIES for DADs

dat's my DAD - Mr. Ralph E Crook Sr @ Speights / Crook Reunion 2010

(below) here's my Step-Dad/Pa George Harris @ GrandMa's in Dadeville, AL

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hEY bOOs/DJs How to Register/Report to (STS) Spins Tracking System | Your Show &/or Station

hEY bOOs / DJs,
How to Register/Report to (STS) Spins Tracking System | Your Show &/or Station 
"U R ONLY A PHONE CALL &/OR AN EMAIL AWAY...from being Registered"
I suggest emailing and calling to ensure you got front and back door covered...

Here's info from (STS) Spins Tracking System
Your first step. Your station must have an active user name / password to the STS (Spins Tracking System). Contact Backstage Entertainment now to obtain yours 310-325-9997.

Once you have an active user name, you'll be able access any or all of our charts in your genre (if you are interested in additional genres contact Backstage Entertainment. Your station will be able to report online using a user name/password established on your account. Personalizing your password is available to you under "Station Info". Your station will have one user name and password for all charts.

Once you have been approved as a reporting station you'll be able to login to STS ( 24hrs/7 days a week to report your playlist.

(Since it was harder to register & get a Response)

Just in case you hit the same wall.  REMEMBER they are very busy (but will respond). You just Follow up!

First EMAIL (#1 below) and request to register to report as a DJ, just your Show, and/or Station...

Also include in email:
STATION DETAILS : (i.e. the following)
Call Letters / Signal

1. Adam Foster, at Nielsen/BDSradio | | 323.817.1508 | to check if BDS has a monitoring site in your area

2. Raphael George, at Bill Board | | (Adam Foster, referred him because my area did not have BDS monitoring site)

3. Paul, at (STS) Spins Tracking System (aka Backstage Entertainment) | 310.325.9997, Option #1 | he 
is the person who called me and ask questions, then gave me approval to report and then emailed me my/Station's Password & Login details for STS 



aka eDDRA157-120  |  |

"A CHEERful Heart does Good like Medicine, because a BroKEn Spirit  dRIES da bones...
and I DON't want your Bones to be DRY!!!" ;-))

Sunday, June 12, 2011

hEY bOOs, June 30, 2011 | 27th Stellar Awards' DEADLINE for ARTIST(s) SUBMISSION...[dONt DELAY]

hEY bOOs,  

FYI: Labels, Artists, Managers, Producers & DJs
June 30, 2011 is Deadline for ARTIST(s) be considered for the 27TH STELLAR AWARDS.  dONt DELAY!!!!  

Lets nOT miss gettin da best Artists in [especially HHH & RP] and nOT Lose any more categories (i.e. URBAN ALBUM OF YEAR @ Dove Awards for nOT ENOUGH ENTRIES!) ;-(
PLZ "ReTWEET @madameboo, eBLAST,  pASS da Word On, FaceBook it & tell Mama & dem"

Artist Submission
Submissions are now being accepted for consideration for the 27th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards. 
Please review the (Links BELOW) of rules and regulation documents thoroughly as some of these items have changed from last year. After review, please submit all of your artist(s) information on the form below. 
The eligibility period covers recordings released from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. The online submission deadline will close on June 30th at midnight.
Upon completion of your online eligibility packet, you must submit the printable Eligibility Form, two (2) copies of CDs for each artist entered and/or two (2) DVDs for projects entered in the Music Video of the Year category and your SAGMA application and $85 fee. All materials should be sent to Central City Productions, Inc., 212 E. Ohio, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60611 no later than July 1, 2011.
You must acknowledge that you have read all the rules and regulations before submitting your submission. (CHEX LINKS BELOW)