Friday, April 15, 2011

hEY bOOs [Breaking News] DJ LACE (BiG bRO as i call him) will DEFINITELY be MISSed!!!

hEY bOOs, 

DJ LACE (BiG bRO as i call him) will DEFINITELY be MISSed!!! On April 13, 2011, Wednesday night he left to be on Heavenly HIGHER GROUND!  BUT his CONTRIBUTION, Heart, WISdom, PASSION for Holy (Gospel) Hip Hop will contine to be FELT & IMPACT!!!  His Great Vision & Order: Co-Founder of (HGRP) Higher Ground Record Pool & on Leadership of (OADA) One Accord DJ Alliance.  A TRUE Mentor to DJs, artists & etc!!! PRAY for his family; they're surely MISSin a Godly Icon. |  | 
for more details check out DJ eDoubleU article on 

[below DJ Lace @GMA 09 w/ DJ Robbo On 1s & 2s @ GMA (The Place) 2009]
Man we had fUN!!!  here's DJ LACE in action @ GMA 09. How ironic for him to leave us right before GMA this year. When he waz gonna be on da 1s & 2s & etc durin GMA wk this yr!!!! WoW! I gonna REALLY Miss U BiG bRO!!!

[Dr D (Big Bro)Dana DevineCedric Dent (from Take 6), me,  DJ LACE (BiG bRO) @ after (Artist SymposiumGMA)]
DJ LACE & Dr D were truly BiG bROs 2 me that week

[DJ Lace & DJs @ Lisa McClendon Listening Party GMA 09: DJ Maestro, Crazy One, DJ Will, HOLLA WALLALisa McClendonDJ LACE (BIG bro)DJ PdoggDr D (BIG bro)UnCommon & me]

[Dr D (Big Bro),me, DJ Redd & DJ LACE (BiG bRO) @ 1st HGRP DJ Conf  NYC Sept 2009]

DJ Lady Grace & DJ LACE (BiG bRO) on 1s & 2s trying out new denon dj equipment @ 1st HGRP DJ Conf  NYC Sept 2009]

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