Sunday, September 19, 2010

hEY bOOs, nOW i have"825" CREDIT SCORE!!!!!!!!!

hEY bOOs,

nOW i have"825" CREDIT SCORE!!!!!!!!!

i'm in da TOP 5% of U.S. population

Now I know, I have 2 write book [How I went from Bad (hOrRibLe) 2 EXCELLENT Credit Scores]


  1. It is now an AMAZING marketing for home refinancing....but I'm being restrained due to my very poor credit scores...

    I'm a hard case because I have a (few) cell phone bills that I feel wrongly charged for
    and sort of mentally refused to pay....

    what can a hard head like me do???

    where can I start?

  2. hEY bOO,

    First thing is to Know exactly where u stand by getting ALL 3 Credit REPORTS (ONE CAN GET 1 - 2 FREE PER YEAR - determine by state you reside in).

    Its Hard to FIGHT A GIANT WITH A BLIND FOLD ON, You need to know where to sling your rock to slay the Giant. LoL!

    Its easy now to goto