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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(Nov 27) UK 6th Annual Gospel Summit - Birmingham, England

Hope to see U there bOO!

ITS TIME to Unite & take UK Gospel World Wide & make a its presence known in Music industry...
Lets develops Music Charts (and/or until then report on USA playlist & RADICALLY CHANGE GOSPEL MUSIC EVEN IN USA) ways together & Bond with your USA cousins & or lets discover how to help each other to SPREAD DA GOSPEL OUT WORLD WIDE!!!

i'M meet all da UK Gospel Industry tag along with Shabazz from OH-TV /Uprise!!!

Gospel Summit 2009
It's that time of the year again.  Key players in the UK's gospel music industry head to Birmingham for the annual Gospel Summit, hosted once again by Green Tree 
From the official Green tree Press release:

                          Theme: Standards! Standards! Standards!
                          Guvna B's hit track title heralds next stage plans for UK Gospel
                          Date: Friday 27 November
                          Venue: The Drum Arts Centre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston Birmingham
                          Time: 11am-6pm

We continue to make strides forward in developing a UK Gospel industry ripe for investment, productivity and growth!

Last year GreenTree was mandated by you to begin the process of creating a national strategy for UK Gospel industry.



GreenTree's finishing touches to the GGS08: Feasibility Study Report (Phase 1) will see completion of the first formal report on the sector to The Arts Council.
Copies will be available to delegates attending the Summit.

NEW! INDUSTRY COUNCIL: Industry Interim Council

We must now setup an Industry Interim Council for three reasons:

1. To help manage Stage 2 of the in-depth Research study - contributing to the national strategy document.
2. Establish the framework for a single representative body for UK Gospel :
The GMIA (Gospel Music Industry Alliance)
3. Shortlisting and interviewing candidates for three new advertised posts:

President (elect) of GMIA
Chairman (elect) of GMIA
Chief Executive (elect) of GMIA

Outline job descriptions for each of these roles will be available at the Summit


UK Promoters Code of Practice

Earlier this summer announcements were made regarding plans for a Code of Practice with a new system for operating UK Gospel Promoters
A new CODE OF PRACTICE FOR UK PROMOTERS  will include guidelines on relationships with the US Gospel scene
Additionally, under a voluntary system of registration UK promoters will receive formal recognition and licence in their role.
Copies of the UK Promoter's Registration application and Code of Practice will be available at the Summit  

GS09 Workshop/Panel Sessions
Leading professional in the industry and guest participants discuss the issues.

The SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS will form part of the national strategy development
HARDTALK: Finding solutions through honest discussion.  
Note: Room will be given for other questions
Artists & Promoters: UK Gospel acts and promoters struggle to attract consistent large audiences in their own name.  Why is this? Who is to blame - the artist or promoter?
Is it the standard of artist performance or the standard of promoters ability?
Industry: How can we connect existing or create new platforms for effective marketing, distribution and sale of UK Gospel products?
Industry & The Churches: Is it time the Gospel  industry sought formal support from Church leaders? Is this the way?
Industry & Media: The OCC (Official Chart Company) reports that a Gospel/Christian Chart probably still some way off. Should Gospel/Christian Radio & TV unite to create 'our official charts' now?
REMEMBER: Other questions you might can be raised as we gather together in this progressive way.
Gospel Summit '09 Registration Details:

1. Please email with pre notification of your intent to attend.
Fully Licensed Restaurant on site.
3. Telephone: 07984 456 952 for general enquiries
4. Telephone : 07535 964 442 for specific industry queries. Leave a message or send a text.  We are always happy to call you back.
The Gospel Summit events is a legitimate expression of the UK Gospel Music industry's effort in unity for development, growth and sustainablility.

Gospel Grand Summit 2009 organised by GreenTree

Monday, November 16, 2009

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