Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bOO HAVE U REGISTERed fo' DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt) / KicKOff PaRtyyy!!! 9/20 @4pm? If nOT, Why???

HAVE U REGISTRERed DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt)? If nOT, Why???

Welcome KicKOff to NY PaRtyyy!!!” | Sept 20, @4pm | Gospel Uptown Restaurant | Harlem | NYC | Sept 20-22

hOPin 2 see ev'ry1 (artists, vendors, producers, Radio/TV/Film, fans, DJs & etc)

c u der in da BIG aPPLE,
bring ya dancing shoes LoL!
&/or wear socks with no whole in them LoL!!!!!

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