Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bOO HAVE U REGISTERed fo' DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt) / KicKOff PaRtyyy!!! 9/20 @4pm? If nOT, Why???

HAVE U REGISTRERed DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt)? If nOT, Why???

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Friday, July 17, 2009

THANXn GAWD!!! my Brotha (RALPH CROOK II) "SURVIVED" 4 GUN SHOTS when Robbed @ Work a year ago!!!

Kangaroo Gas Station Shooting in Florence Remains Unsolved

My brother Ralph @ AU Stadium Oct 2009

Victim's wife makes a plea to the public to come forward with information.

Clarissa Stephens Shoals Bureau Reporter

May 18, 2009
On May 8, 2008, the manager of the Kangaroo Gas Station at the intersection of Cox Creek Parkway and Darby Drive was leaving work to take a deposit to the bank. Before he could make it to his car, a man stole the bank deposit money and shot him multiple times. After more than a year, a big question remains - who did this?

May 8, 2008 is a day Martha Crook will always remember. A careless criminal took aim at her husband, Ralph Crook.

"That day it was kind of surreal," says Crook. "They said he had an accident, so I thought he had a car accident."

Martha quickly realized the "accident" was more like a near death-experience.

"It was a bad scene," says Crook.

That morning, a robber shot Ralph Crook several times in broad daylight, with at least a dozen customers around, as he was leaving work to go to the bank to drop off a deposit. After the shooting, police say the gunman ran to a getaway car in a nearby neighborhood.

Ralph Crook suffered gunshots wounds to his neck, hand, and face. Martha doesn't understand why the shooter had to hurt her husband, especially after he'd given up the money.

"When you look at it, they were trying to kill him and you just don't take anyone's life because you didn't give them a life," says Crook. "They need to be found out. Somebody knows something and they need to tell it, so they can get punished for what they've done."

The Florence Police Department and the Alabama Bureau of Investigations have been trying to find out who's responsible for the attempted murder and robbery of Ralph Crook. Sgt. Cliff Billingsly says they've followed up on many leads, but there are still a lot of blank holes that only the public can fill.

"We've made some progress in the case, but we still need the citizens of Florence and whoever may have any information about the case to come forward and help us with this case," says Billingsly.

Martha also wants people withholding information to stop, so that she, Ralph, and their three children can get closure.

"You need to tell it," says Crook. "I think if you were put in that situation where someone you love was in that situation, wouldn't you want someone to tell it for you."

If you have any information that could help the Florence Police Department find the person responsible for shooting Ralph Crook, don't be afraid to call in your anonymous tip. To reach the Shoals Area CrimeStoppers tip line, call (256) 386 - 8685. You will remain anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest, it makes you eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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