Friday, December 25, 2009

Mary's CHRIST-mas bOO!!!!! & PROSPEROUS Nu Yr & Decade!!!

Mary's CHRIST-mas bOO!!!!!
& PROSPEROUS Nu Yr & Decade!!!


aka eDDRA157-120

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(Nov 27) UK 6th Annual Gospel Summit - Birmingham, England

Hope to see U there bOO!

ITS TIME to Unite & take UK Gospel World Wide & make a its presence known in Music industry...
Lets develops Music Charts (and/or until then report on USA playlist & RADICALLY CHANGE GOSPEL MUSIC EVEN IN USA) ways together & Bond with your USA cousins & or lets discover how to help each other to SPREAD DA GOSPEL OUT WORLD WIDE!!!

i'M meet all da UK Gospel Industry tag along with Shabazz from OH-TV /Uprise!!!

Gospel Summit 2009
It's that time of the year again.  Key players in the UK's gospel music industry head to Birmingham for the annual Gospel Summit, hosted once again by Green Tree 
From the official Green tree Press release:

                          Theme: Standards! Standards! Standards!
                          Guvna B's hit track title heralds next stage plans for UK Gospel
                          Date: Friday 27 November
                          Venue: The Drum Arts Centre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston Birmingham
                          Time: 11am-6pm

We continue to make strides forward in developing a UK Gospel industry ripe for investment, productivity and growth!

Last year GreenTree was mandated by you to begin the process of creating a national strategy for UK Gospel industry.



GreenTree's finishing touches to the GGS08: Feasibility Study Report (Phase 1) will see completion of the first formal report on the sector to The Arts Council.
Copies will be available to delegates attending the Summit.

NEW! INDUSTRY COUNCIL: Industry Interim Council

We must now setup an Industry Interim Council for three reasons:

1. To help manage Stage 2 of the in-depth Research study - contributing to the national strategy document.
2. Establish the framework for a single representative body for UK Gospel :
The GMIA (Gospel Music Industry Alliance)
3. Shortlisting and interviewing candidates for three new advertised posts:

President (elect) of GMIA
Chairman (elect) of GMIA
Chief Executive (elect) of GMIA

Outline job descriptions for each of these roles will be available at the Summit


UK Promoters Code of Practice

Earlier this summer announcements were made regarding plans for a Code of Practice with a new system for operating UK Gospel Promoters
A new CODE OF PRACTICE FOR UK PROMOTERS  will include guidelines on relationships with the US Gospel scene
Additionally, under a voluntary system of registration UK promoters will receive formal recognition and licence in their role.
Copies of the UK Promoter's Registration application and Code of Practice will be available at the Summit  

GS09 Workshop/Panel Sessions
Leading professional in the industry and guest participants discuss the issues.

The SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS will form part of the national strategy development
HARDTALK: Finding solutions through honest discussion.  
Note: Room will be given for other questions
Artists & Promoters: UK Gospel acts and promoters struggle to attract consistent large audiences in their own name.  Why is this? Who is to blame - the artist or promoter?
Is it the standard of artist performance or the standard of promoters ability?
Industry: How can we connect existing or create new platforms for effective marketing, distribution and sale of UK Gospel products?
Industry & The Churches: Is it time the Gospel  industry sought formal support from Church leaders? Is this the way?
Industry & Media: The OCC (Official Chart Company) reports that a Gospel/Christian Chart probably still some way off. Should Gospel/Christian Radio & TV unite to create 'our official charts' now?
REMEMBER: Other questions you might can be raised as we gather together in this progressive way.
Gospel Summit '09 Registration Details:

1. Please email with pre notification of your intent to attend.
Fully Licensed Restaurant on site.
3. Telephone: 07984 456 952 for general enquiries
4. Telephone : 07535 964 442 for specific industry queries. Leave a message or send a text.  We are always happy to call you back.
The Gospel Summit events is a legitimate expression of the UK Gospel Music industry's effort in unity for development, growth and sustainablility.

Gospel Grand Summit 2009 organised by GreenTree

Monday, November 16, 2009

MADAME Boo Plugs [HGRP & Playlists] @ AL Gospel Hip Hop Awards '09 AGHHA

Plugs [HGRP & Playlists] @ AL Gospel Hip Hop Awards '09 AGHHA Help me Help ARTISTs [send (tracks, instrumental & a-capella) 2 Record Pools] & get it 2 Mobile & On-Air DJs DJs PLZ start REPORTing your [PLAYLISTS] & [Music Logs] so Artists can get royalties & credit 4 spins more info: &ChristianRhythmic

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My COMMENTS on Da HGRP DJ Conf 2009

My COMMENTS on Da HGRP DJ Conf 2009

1 - WoW!!!

2 - "EVERYTHING We need waz in da room/Conf"

3 - "It waz soooo nice to meet Everyone in da FLESH and/or see them again..WE ALL BONDED & UNITED"

4 - "Da Fellowship, Da Love, Da UNITY, Da WISdom & Insight Gain...will last Forever...This is just da beginning!"

5 - "[it waz like a family reunion]"

6 - "IT WAZ GR8 to hang out with Lady Grace da whole weekend & see here do it up @ Block Party Sat."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MADAME-Boo’s (NU WINE / World-Wide PRAIZ) Oct. ToP 20

MADAME-Boo’s (NU WINE / World-Wide PRAIZ) Oct. ToP 20

1 – [UK] Creation Me (Jimmy James Remix) – GreenJade – Life As we Know it

2 - The River Flowing - Elder Darren Ross & Free Praise - Purpose.Passion.Vision

3 – Little Miss Muffet – Vanessa Brantley Newton - Neo Soul Rhymes

4 - Harder – Cream City Radio - Gospel Hip-HoP, Rhythm & Praise

5 – [UK] Many Rivers To Cross - Emmanuel Jal - Emmanuel Jal

6 - SWAGGER DADDY - mouthpi3ce - The Perfect Mixtape

7 - [Kenya] Biceps – Juliani - Mtaa Mentality

8 - Jibborish (Blah Blah Blah) - PJ Morton – Emotions: Special Edition

9 - [UK] - More Love - Russell Léonce -
Culture of Love

10 - [UK] - We Don’t Mess Around (Spiritled Remix) - Blessedman

11 - You are Holy – Lisa McClendon – Soul Music

12 – God In Me - Mary Mary - My Block/Sony

13 - Cupid Shuffle – Cupid - Time For A Change

14 - Thank you Thank You (urban soul remix) - Lisa McClendon – Reality - BluSoul

15 - Dis Is Yo Grandiddy(Remix) – Mr.Brown / David Mann - Ol' Time Church Music

16 - [UK] Power – Jahaziel – Ready to live

17 – [UK] Whom shall I fear - Karl Nova – “Just as I AM: The Prequel

18 - Get Up (Fusion Remix) - Mary Mary - My Block/Sony

19 - I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF - Mary J. Blige – Sound trk Tyler Perry’s I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF

20 - I Look to You - Whitney Houston - I Look to You

Thursday, October 15, 2009

(Plzz Pray for my fam) My Uncle Alfonza died yday - funeral Mon. in Syracuse, NY

hEY bOOs,

(Plzz Pray for my fam) My Uncle Alfonza died yday - funeral Mon. in Syracuse, NY
& b4 leaving 4 London my brother n law past n Syracuse also


Monday, October 12, 2009

HOSTING, 2nd Annual ALabama Gospel Hip Hop Awards - Oct 31 | 7pm | FREE | BJCC | bIRMINGHAM, AL

Itz on again,
da 2nd Annual ALabama Gospel Hip Hop Awards...
Oct 31 | 7pm | BJCC | FREE | bIRMINGHAM, AL

I know u coming.
Oh, Oh they r letting me Host!!!
we gonna hv fUN & LAFF!!!!

(let me knw if u coming)
c u der ;-))

Monday, September 28, 2009

MADAME-Boo’s Sept ToP 20 (NU WINE & (WWPZ) World-Wide PRAIZ )

MADAME-Boo’s Sept ToP 20 (NU WINE & (WWPZ) World-Wide PRAIZ )

1 – SWAGGER DADDY - mouthpi3ce - The Perfect Mixtape
2 - Harder – Cream City Radio - Gospel Hip-HoP, Rhythm & Praise
3 - Jibborish (Blah Blah Blah) - PJ Morton – Emotions: Special Edition
4 - God In Me - Mary Mary - My Block/Sony
5 - Joyful Noise ft Lecrae and John Reilly - FLAME - OUR WORLD REDEEMED
6 - Cupid Shuffle – Cupid - Time For A Change
7 - Walk it like I'm Changed – FEDEL - Live
8 -Thank you Thank You (urban soul remix) - Lisa McClendon – Reality - BluSoul
9 - Remember The Time (Silky Soul 7”) – Michael Jackson - Remember The Time
10 - I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF - Mary J. Blige – –Sound trk Tyler Perry’s I CAN DO BAD BY MYSELF
11 -[Kenya] Many Rivers To Cross - Emmanuel Jal - Emmanuel Jal
12 - U Can Do It 2 – Mr Del - Hope Dealer
13 - [Kenya] Biceps – Juliani - Mtaa Mentality
14 - [Korea] Grateful - Heritage (헤리티지) -
15 - [UK] Whom shall I fear - Karl Nova – “Just as I AM: The Prequel
16 – [Korea] My Desire-믿음의 유산 Heritage Mass Choir -
17 - Get Up (Fusion Remix) - Mary Mary - My Block/Sony
18 - Joy – Niyoki – Rest - D2G Records / Executive Music Group (EMG)
19 - [Kenya] Out Tonight - Michelle feat. Kera -
20 - Not A Slave – JR – Life by Stereo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rapper behind 'Roxanne's Revenge' gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D

Twenty-five years after the first queen of hip-hop was stiffed on her royalty checks, Dr. Roxanne Shante boasts an Ivy League Ph.D.-financed by a forgotten clause in her first record deal.

Rapper behind 'Roxanne's Revenge' gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D

Need "COMICAL" HOST for your next Event/Show ---Book MADAME-Boo @ 334.750.0076

hEY bOO,

Do you need a HOST for your next Event / Show?

Book "COMICAL" HOST MADAME-Boo @ 334.750.0076

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bOO HAVE U REGISTERed fo' DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt) / KicKOff PaRtyyy!!! 9/20 @4pm? If nOT, Why???

HAVE U REGISTRERed DJ Confernce in NY (1st 5O Get FREE T-shirt)? If nOT, Why???

Welcome KicKOff to NY PaRtyyy!!!” | Sept 20, @4pm | Gospel Uptown Restaurant | Harlem | NYC | Sept 20-22

hOPin 2 see ev'ry1 (artists, vendors, producers, Radio/TV/Film, fans, DJs & etc)

c u der in da BIG aPPLE,
bring ya dancing shoes LoL!
&/or wear socks with no whole in them LoL!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

THANXn GAWD!!! my Brotha (RALPH CROOK II) "SURVIVED" 4 GUN SHOTS when Robbed @ Work a year ago!!!

Kangaroo Gas Station Shooting in Florence Remains Unsolved

My brother Ralph @ AU Stadium Oct 2009

Victim's wife makes a plea to the public to come forward with information.

Clarissa Stephens Shoals Bureau Reporter

May 18, 2009
On May 8, 2008, the manager of the Kangaroo Gas Station at the intersection of Cox Creek Parkway and Darby Drive was leaving work to take a deposit to the bank. Before he could make it to his car, a man stole the bank deposit money and shot him multiple times. After more than a year, a big question remains - who did this?

May 8, 2008 is a day Martha Crook will always remember. A careless criminal took aim at her husband, Ralph Crook.

"That day it was kind of surreal," says Crook. "They said he had an accident, so I thought he had a car accident."

Martha quickly realized the "accident" was more like a near death-experience.

"It was a bad scene," says Crook.

That morning, a robber shot Ralph Crook several times in broad daylight, with at least a dozen customers around, as he was leaving work to go to the bank to drop off a deposit. After the shooting, police say the gunman ran to a getaway car in a nearby neighborhood.

Ralph Crook suffered gunshots wounds to his neck, hand, and face. Martha doesn't understand why the shooter had to hurt her husband, especially after he'd given up the money.

"When you look at it, they were trying to kill him and you just don't take anyone's life because you didn't give them a life," says Crook. "They need to be found out. Somebody knows something and they need to tell it, so they can get punished for what they've done."

The Florence Police Department and the Alabama Bureau of Investigations have been trying to find out who's responsible for the attempted murder and robbery of Ralph Crook. Sgt. Cliff Billingsly says they've followed up on many leads, but there are still a lot of blank holes that only the public can fill.

"We've made some progress in the case, but we still need the citizens of Florence and whoever may have any information about the case to come forward and help us with this case," says Billingsly.

Martha also wants people withholding information to stop, so that she, Ralph, and their three children can get closure.

"You need to tell it," says Crook. "I think if you were put in that situation where someone you love was in that situation, wouldn't you want someone to tell it for you."

If you have any information that could help the Florence Police Department find the person responsible for shooting Ralph Crook, don't be afraid to call in your anonymous tip. To reach the Shoals Area CrimeStoppers tip line, call (256) 386 - 8685. You will remain anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest, it makes you eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

Copyright © 2009, WHNT-TV

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sept 17-20, 2010 | 1st (Xist) Urban Gospel Cruise (TELL'em MADAME-Boo & HGRP-Referred U THNX)

1st (Xist) Urban Gospel Cruise | Join us Sept 17-20, 2010 as we set sail for the Bahamas!

(HGRP) The Higher Ground Record Pool is the Official Deejays for the XIST Gospel Cruise 2010!!!
BOOK and Let them Know (MADAME-Boo & HGRP) Referred you!!!!!! (only a $50 deposit*)

Xist Urban Gospel Cruise 2010 was designed with you in mind It will be the hottest, craziest, Holy Ghost party you could ever imagine! HOSTed by Sean Simmons

12 Artists on Cruise:
Sean Simmonds, 21 :03, Mali Music, Lisa McClendon, T-Bone, Coko, Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale & more...

* Daily Worship
* Put You On! (Concert Series/Taping)
* The White Out Party (For Singles Only)
* Soul2Sole (Dance Showcase)
* Xist After Party
* Choir Competition
* Fitness Workout
* Rock Climbing Wall
* New Artist Showcase
* Rhythms and Runways (Fashion Show)
* ...and much more

Interior $484.00*
Ocean View $519.00*
Junior Suite $819.00*

Deposit and Payment Information
A deposit of $50 per person is due at the time of booking except for the Junior Suite which is $100 per person. Cabin fares and availability are subject to change after September 21, 2009. FULL PAYMENT OF YOUR CRUISE IS DUE BY JUNE 1, 2010. After this date, new reservations may still be made, subject to availability of cabins for our group.

Time of Booking
$100 for Interior & Oeanview Cabins
$200 for Junior Suite Cabins
December 19, 2009 Half of Balance Due
June 1, 2010 Final Payment

*Per person based on double occupancy. Fares do not include air transportation. Call for more information. Taxes, port charges, fuel surcharge and prepaid gratuities of $77.28 per person are also not included for Interior and Oceanview cabins and $84.03 for Junior Suite. For 3rd and 4th passengers sharing a cabin or single occupancy cabins please call for pricing.

PHONE: 888-518-7571 or 714-442-9973 (Outside the Continental US)
To contact an Xist representative email:
ADDRESS: 5482 Oceanus Drive, Suite E, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Friday, May 22, 2009

Do You Need a COMICAL HOST or CO-HOST @ your Event/Show? Call me 334.750.0076.

hEY Boo,

Do You Need a COMICAL HOST or CO-HOST @ your Event/Show? Call me 334.750.0076. Chex out both &

Monday, May 4, 2009


LooKin for a Nu WEB DESIGNER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FLIER DESIGNER...Since I've Dropped 80lbs & goin into Nu SEASON & FOCUS!!! THANX!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kiss & say GoodBye Inventory SALE List (ASAP)!!! DOwnSIzin

HaPpY V'day Boo!!!

Here's my Kiss & say GoodBye Inventory Sale List ASAP!

Send msg &/or Call 334.750.0076 for more Details & Gr8 Prices:


IT ALL MUST GO!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!!!!!

GOIN' ONCE, GOIN TWICE... (will it be sold to u???)

NEW Shreeder (metal mesh, 8 Sheet, Diamond Cut, Auto off & on, 3.99 gal basket, card shreeder slot, 1yr & 3yr warranties)
NEW Car Massage Cushion (with heat, car charger & remote, reversible Black or Grey warm fleece)
Semi NEW Bookshelves (metal mesh & 5 adjustable shelves & 6 dividers) approx 7' x 1.5' x 3'
Semi NEW Ikea Bookshelves (metal mesh & 5 adjustable shelves) approx 5' x .5' x .75'
TWIN BED & mattresses (in great condition)
TWIN Linen & Duvets & Bed Skirt
Overhead Projector
NEW & Used Books/Audio Books / Cds (from Christian to Travel to Health / Music Holy Hip Hop to Life Music / Neo fo da Soul) ***CALL FOR Book &Music LIST***
Semi NEW Revolving 80 CD Holder (black)
DJ Revolving Lite
Semi NEW Woman size 12w 4" heels Gold (only wore for 5mins)
FUBU Male warm up - Lg (burgundy & gray)
AU & etc Sweatshirts (XL - 2X)
Clothes and Hats
Office Organizers & Supplies ***CALL FOR LIST***
Chargers (AC & Car)
VHS Recorder
CHRIST-mas Tree 4"
NEW Ornaments
BBQ Grill
Home Décor items (Photo Frames to candles)
Revolving Cube Photo Frame
Massager Small battery operated (still in box)

THANX.. Boo!

***I will be FOUND (a GOOD THING); On my way to "TOGO"...Gen.12:1***

aka eDDRA157-121

+001 (334) 750.0076 - Outside USA

PGI, POB 682, AUburn, AL 36831 USA

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do You and/or Know Someone who needs On-Air-Talent/DJ?

Do You and/or Know Someone who needs On-Air-Talent/DJ?

Do you need a humorous On Air Talent, Host, Speaker, Mobile DJ and TV Broadcast Media Professional with international and indie knowledge of gospel music (hip hop to etc.) as a Producer and Selector who is dedicated to impacting the WORLD with the GOSPEL by pioneering to reach new and old niche markets?


(click icon or

If you like what you see in my virtual resume, pick up the phone and call me at 334.750.0076 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              334.750.0076      end_of_the_skype_highlighting OR  +001 (334) 750.0076 (OUTSIDE USA)    for an interview andor bookings.

I am willing and ready to Relocate World-Wide!




FOR BOOKING INFO - Hosting, DJing, On Air Talent, Acting, Tour Guide/Chaperon, Broadcast Professional Consultant, Cameraman Operator & Trainer, Ministering and Speaking (to Urban/youth, and Adults Regarding: Victory over Sexual Abuse - "TOUCHed VIRGINs", Reducing 80lbs, Converting BAD Credit to EXCELLENT 800 Credit Score and Using HipHop & International music to Minister, Studying, Living and Working Abroad...) "In a HUMOROUS way...A CHEERful Heart does Good like Medicine, because a BroKEn Spirit dRIES da bones...and I DON't want your Bones to be DRY!"

CONTACT: DJ MADAME-Boo | | 334.750.0076 or

+001 (334) 750.0076 (OUTSIDE USA) |

POB 682, AUburn, AL 36831

Friday, January 2, 2009

HaPpY Nu Yr!!! DONT make "ReSolutions" INstead Make "REVELATIONs"

Boo, CHOOSE 2 have a HaPpY Nu Yr!!!

& DONT make "ReSolutions" (& lie to yourself again...LoL!)


Make "REVELATIONs" (& see them come to pass n 2009...)